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Libyan Petroleum is a company that provides variety of services and products in the oil and gas sector. Libyan Petroleum started as a PMC company in Tripoli, Libya with a plan to grow in different areas within the petroleum sector. We bring together the experience and breadth of services and products from our experienced local team and global partners.


The LP Way

Our success is driven from our values that are held by our team and their commitment to achieve the goals and results effectively and efficiently –by operating dutifully, performing with excellence, applying innovative solutions and capturing new opportunities. Our employees are our main assets. We invest in them to strengthen our organizational capability and develop a talented workforce capable of achieving our vision.
We are committed to a set of Sustainable Development Goals which are imbedded in our policies that guides our strategic decisions and operations. We make sure that our products and services consider the effect on the environmental, economic and social goals for the project, and its affected communities. To do so we have integrated Quality Management Systems and Operations Excellence Management Systems in our operations to achieve highest levels of quality, performance and efficiency in our services and products. These systems are part our continuous improvement strategy towards all aspects of our activities.

  • Vision
  • To be recognized as the leading petroleum company in Libya through growth, superior performance, and sustainable development in our services and products while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct.

  • Values
  • Our culture is driven by respectand integrity, promotes collaboration and communication among all members of its society, embraces a sustainable growth mindset, encourages and rewards informed risk taking, and achieve commitments with exceptional performance that considers all stakeholders.

  • Mission
  • To provide our customers with the best quality of products and services while achieving harmonious and sustainable development, and acting in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

Our Branches

Tripoli, Libya
Benghazi, Libya
Dubai, UAE

“The way we do things in Libyan Petroleum is our strength. It is derived from our values that are embedded in our vision and mission. This will enable us to achieve our ambition of becoming a leading company in the petroleum industry in Libya. In Libyan Petroleum we do things safe, we preform them right, and we deliver on time ”

Amjed Rajab, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Libyan Petroleum

Corporate Social Responsibility

We operate in a socially responsible and ethical manner to protect all stakeholders; people and environment.

Operations Integrity

We are committed to excellence in Safety, Security, Health and Environmental performance (SSH&E).