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Contract Drilling

With our experienced local team and global partner’s expertise,
Libyan Petroleum is well-positioned to meet your onshore drilling requirements and provide drilling services for directional drilling,
casing drilling, and borehole enlargement.


Comprehensive Solution That Addresses All Drilling Problems

We can provide a variety of products to help enhance your drilling, including filter cake breakers, corrosion and shale inhibitors, foaming agents and defoamers, flocculants, lubricants, surfactants, alkalinity controlling agents, and more.

Workover Platforms

Libyan Petroleum can provide a range of drilling equipment and
units including Light Duty Drilling Rigs, Trailer-Mounted Workover
Units, Snubbing Unit and Carrier Rig to meet client’s well
maintenance/repairs services to improve and
enhance well production.


Our Well Maintenance Services include but are not limited to:

• Bore-hole cleaning of casing • Valve maintenance
• Regulator and relief valve maintenance
• Measurement calibration & accuracy verification
• Corrosion control
• Brine removal
• Sand removal, after fracture of well
• Replace bore-hole equipment and piping
• Retrieve material lost in bore-hole, with specialized fishing equipment
• Respond to emergency call-outs
• Coordinate with local emergency official
• Landscaping and mowing
• Leak surveys
• Management and supervision of pipeline integrity

Emergency Services

Let our experienced and trained professionals take care of your regular and emergency repairs of your pumps, compressors, piping, tanks and property by appropriate means. From mowing to sandblasting, painting to welding, we are ready when you need us.

• Leak repairs
• Pipe recoating work
• Control valve component replacement or repair
• Relief valve and block valve replacement or repair
• Measurement device replacement or repair
• Rectifier replacement or repair
• Pipeline line relocations
• Assessment of pipelines such as in-line inspection, pressure testing, and direct assessment services needed for pipeline integrity
• Pipeline marker sign installation or replacement
• Pipeline abandonment services and environmental remediation